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WP7: Management

WP7.1: Establishment of Consortium Agreement (M2)

The consortium agreement prepared by the coordinator agreed and signed by URGENT partners (M2)

WP7.2: Establishment and work of the Steering Committee; Consortium Meetings (M35)

Kick-off, Steering Committee, and Monitoring meetings reports

The partners will organise meetings, prepare the program and minutes of the meeting. Plan for Consortium Meetings:

  • the kick-off meeting for the consortium members (also serving as the first Consortium Meeting (CM) meeting) will be organized at P1 in Bremen (DE) by M3
  • The second CM will be organised by M10 in Pondicherry (IN; combined with a research framework write shop at P13),
  • The third CM will be organised by M17 in Catania (IT; combined with ICT training at P2)
  • The fourth CM will be organised M34 in New Delhi (combined with the URGENT Open Science Conference at P11).

WP7.3: Mid-term monitoring visits to all the partners by the coordinating unit (M30)

The aim of the visits is to track the project implementation and provide feedback in a timely manner; where possible, the visits are made by the coordinator, project manager, and/or the vice-coordinator, and will be combined with other URGENT events and tasks to spare travel costs.

WP7.4: Reporting to EACEA (M36)

The status reports will be summarized into intermediate (1,5 years) and then in the final report. The reports will be prepared according to the EACEA templates.

External auditors will be subcontracted by P1 to audit project finances for the purposes of the final report to EACEA