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URGENT Stakeholder Interactive Platform (SIP)

Welcome to the landing page of the Stakeholder Interactive Platform (SIP) of the URGENT project. In order to promote stakeholder-academic collaboration regarding the various activities and goals of the URGENT project as well as to ensure the project’s sustainability and longevity, this stakeholder interactive platform was conceptualised and implemented. URGENT strongly commits to a joint exploration of various options for urban sustainability through mutually beneficial cooperation agreements.

On the platform, our project’s partners and valued external stakeholders share relevant materials, important knowledge products and their expertise for strengthening urban resilience and improving urban livelihood through the development of green and blue infrastructure.

It is our dedicated wish to ensure that this SIP will strengthen our mutual efforts and serve as a collection of important documents pertaining to the conservation of urban ecosystems as well as the improvement of urban resilience towards the effects of climate change. 

The URGENT SIP is open to any interested parties. If you wish to join the platform and wish to engage with its partners and various stakeholders as well as share your valuable work with the URGENT community, please contact Arjan de Groot (Martin-Luther-University of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany). If you instead are interested in an interactive exchange within the URGENT community, you are welcome to join our URGENT Facebook Groupthe template for the accessions to the SIP can be found here.

Yours sincerely,
The URGENT team