URBAN_learn course by URGENT crosscutting topics

Curricula developed and updated under the URGENT project spread across 6 URGENT cross-cutting topics, which are central to all the project development activities. Here you can find URGENT curricula categorised according to the topics. Each title is accompanied by a link to a partner's page in the URBAN-learn. On this page you will find full information about the curriculum of your interest, and all the supporting materials, including learning resources.

1. Urban forestry, including ecology and management of (peri-) urban green areas and development and promotion of urban nature

2. Landscape architecture and phytodesign, including design and maintenance of small green & blue infrastructure objects

3. Urban permaculture, including its science, management and policy

4. Integrative smart green & blue urban planning, including science, policy and management for adaptation, mitigation and urban NBS

5. Management and planning of resilient urban seascapes and coasts, including promotion and maintenance of coastal and marine NBS

6. Observation, information and communication for NBS, including ICT and media