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WP5: Quality control and monitoring

WP5.1: Peer-review of URGENT deliverables (M35)

The deliverables include:

  • Project deliverables (curricula, learning materials) submitted to peer-review; all the regular self-evaluation and accreditation exercises are run
  • An external quality assurance officer (and a curriculum peer-review officer, if agreed) is hired and overseeing the functionality of the peer-review
  • The project completion survey is designed, implemented and reported by M35

WP5.2: Project monitoring; deployment and maintenance of the quality control matrix (M36)

The Project management system and Quality Control Matrix (QCM) will be set at the start of the project. All the quality control activities will be presented and monitored in QCM.

The WG collects information for deploying the quality control matrix, monitors the project implementation, and addresses the identified early warnings in a timely manner; a training session on deploying the matrix will be conducted for all the project partners on the kick-off meeting

WP5.3: QA of staff development, IT deployment & dissemination (M35)

The deliverables include:

  • Setting-up an on-line system for monitoring travel for training and development purposes; deploying the system
  • Setting an on-line system for monitoring staff time; deploying the system;
  • Tracking the progress in upgrading and deploying the IT systems against the project plan;
  • Overseeing the implementation of the dissemination plan (set-up in the URGENT business plan), checking the relevant deliverables against the timeline and milestones set in the plan