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WP6: Dissemination and exploitation

WP6.1: Development and maintenance of URGENT www portal, social media accounts and promotion plan (M12)

The deliverable include:

  • TOR for the URGENT www Portal by M3
  • URGENT www portal is developed by P5 by M12 (the first fully-functional version by M4) and maintained till the end of the project (and then transferred to SIPs)
  • A temporary project web-site launched at the web-site of P5 (by M2 and till M12)
  • URGENT social accounts set-up on M1 (FB group, Twitter);
  • The URGENT promotion plan encompassing a range of activities increasing the visibility of the URGENT and its deliverables (M4)

WP6.2: Development of URGENT detailed business plan (M30)

The deliverable include:

  • the URGENT business plan that will encompass the range of dissemination and exploitation activities during the project lifetime to ensure the post-project sustainability (M6)
  • the URGENT business plan, the section providing details on how the URGENT deliverables will be maintained after the end of the project (M30).

WP6.3: Organisation of a URGENT Open Science Conference (M35)

The deliverables include:

  • 1st URGENT Open Science Conference in New Delhi by M35, with focus on nature-based solutions in green and blue infrastructure
  • a follow-up special issue of an academic journals in order to reach the academic community
  • First SIP seminars in MN and IN (M 20, 21) (in Ulaanbaatar and New Delhi).

WP6.4: Running of collaborative sectoral platforms (M35)

The deliverable include:

  • overseeing the activities of SIPs and initiating their regular tasks: submitting to them curricula materials for peer-review, arranging interactions with students and graduates;
  • providing support and feedback, in order to ensure that they are developing as self-sustaining organisations

WP6.5: Implementation of URGENT curricula and research training (M35)

The deliverable include:

  • overseeing launching and implementation of URGENT BSc and MSc curricula and LLL training opportunities, including purposeful deployment of URBAN learn and interactions with SIPs;
  • overseeing launching and implementation of PhD research framework (including the enrolment of at least 10 URGENT PhD students by M24), including the implementation of joint research & supervision arrangements, deployment of e-science modules and portfolios, and utilisation of the URGENT research framework.