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URGENT Mongolia webinar


Under the URGENT project, all Mongolian partners jointly organize the monthly research seminar which started from 2nd semester of the academic year 2021-2022. Research staffs and different level of students are presenting and discussing their research findings. And this seminar is open for everyone who interests.

The aim of the seminar:

  1. Researchers to present and discuss their work
  2. Disseminating and sharing knowledge
  3. Researcher can meet other scientists, exchange important information with them
  4. Find a researcher to collaborate with, and listen to new ideas and approaches to problem solving.
  5. PhD students actively participate in scientific discussions and can evaluate own studies
  6. Graduate students improve research skills and students will reflect on the importance

Presentations and videos are only available in Mongolian language.


URGENT joint research seminar in the academic year 2021-2022: Agenda; report for 2022

  1. February 2022: poster and video
    1. Define the elements of design in the park garden planning – presentation
    2. Protecting drinking water resources for the residents – presentation
  2. March 2022: poster and video
    1. Hydrogeochemical study of hot spring in the western Mongolia – presentation
    2. Issues of the environmental infrastructure planning – presentation
  3. April 2022: poster
    1. Architectural planning of the orchard landscape – presentation
    2. Risk based management planning in protected areas – presentation
  4. May 2022: poster
    1. Tree nursery planning and preparing seedlings of shrubs and trees for planting – presentation
    2. Impact of urbanization of ecosystems of the river terraces – presentation